Make a Date With Yourself

Are you stressed? Feeling low? Want to know the easy way to give yourself a lift? It’s simple.

Step one: Think of five things that you love to do. Any five things, big or small, although smaller things may be best if you want quick results. Mine would definitely include having tea and cake with my friend Charlie, doing something creative like sewing or crochet, going to the park to feed the ducks, reading a great book (doesn’t time fly when your absorbed in a book), spending time with my hilarious friend Kitt or, strangely, having a really good declutter at home with lots of bags for charity at the end of it.

What’s on your list?

Step two: Set aside a time in your diary over the next two weeks to do each of the things on your list. Book a slot for the things you do by yourself like reading or gardening, just as you would make a date with someone else. It’s just as important to schedule a two hour date with yourself. Look at your diary, see all the fun things you’ve got planned, and get excited. Look forward to the little things just as much as the big things.

Step three: Do them. Don’t cancel on yourself just because something else comes up, or you’re a bit tired, or whatever other excuse you might come up with. It wouldn’t be right to do that to someone else, so treat yourself with the same respect. Do all the things you’ve planned, big and small, and enjoy them to the max. If you’re going out to do something, get dressed up, take photos, if your plan means staying at home, light some scented candles, play your favourite music, make sure you have food and drink that you love. Spoil yourself.

Step four: Look back and reflect on your fortnight and you’ll notice how uplifted you felt looking forward to all the things you were going to do, and how much satisfaction you got from treating yourself well and doing the things you love.

Step five: Do it all the time!

Be happy

Ruth :-)

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Monday Morning Feeling?

Not Monday again!
Not Monday again!

Instead of dreading Monday, approach it differently.  Work on having a positive mindset. Sometimes all you need to do is change your perspective and you’ll instantly feel more positive. Focus on the good points of your week ahead, and instead of wishing the days away until the next weekend, find things to be grateful for and feel happy about throughout your week.

If you drag yourself through the week feeling negative, what kind of experience do you think you’re going to have? Exactly! So change your mindset and have a great week.

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Ruth :-)

Are you ready for the week ahead? A positive mindset can help you get over that Monday morning feeling.


Are you ready for the week ahead? Have you noticed how much the quality of your week depends on your mindset? Keeping a positive mental attitude can be hard to begin with, but once you get used to it, it becomes a very beneficial habit to have. So how do you keep a positive attitude when everyone else seems to have lost theirs? Whether you’re working, caring for children or whatever else you plan to do this week, try to remember these steps:

1.   Be grateful for every little thing you experience.

Your alarm woke you up when it was supposed to so you didn’t have to rush. There was something tasty in the fridge for breakfast. The train/bus was on time. The car started and got you to work or school okay. The kids got ready to go out when you needed them to. It’s not raining today. Start with all these small things and you’ll be surprised how positive everything feels already. Try and keep this going all day. If anything doesn’t go to plan, look for a positive in there somewhere.

2.  Smile at people and say pleasant things.

Everyone loves to receive a compliment. People feel much better if the folks around them are smiling and positive. So share your positivity and see how it grows. Be mindful of how you greet people and how you respond when you are asked a question or called on to do something. Try to say something positive or pay a compliment to people you interact with during the day. Don’t be false though, people can tell.

3.   Don’t get drawn in to drama

If people around you are gossiping, speaking negatively about someone, complaining about trivial things or creating drama unnecessarily, remove yourself at once. Don’t get caught up in other people’s negativity. If you feel that you can inject something positive into the situation then by all means try, but remember not everyone is as good as you are at keeping a positive mindset.

If you find your positive attitude slipping at times, that’s okay. Don’t give up or be disappointed with yourself. Do something nice for yourself to lift your mood back up and carry on. You’ll be amazed at how applying these three simple steps every day can make life more positive. Keep this attitude and good things will happen to you, because you are in the right frame of mind to notice them.

Good luck – have a great week.

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Take a Breath of Fresh Air


If you find yourself feeling stuck, maybe you can’t see the solution to a problem, you feel under pressure, or you’re struggling with a creative block – get outside. Getting outdoors and connecting with nature is uplifting and inspiring. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated and it will help you to get a fresh perspective on things. Even just going outside during your lunch break, or going for a walk to clear you head, will help life your mood and help you think clearly and change your outlook. Go out in the fresh air, enjoy nature for a while and see what a difference it makes.

Don’t Get Drawn in

Today,  don’t get drawn into any workplace gossip, controversial discussions or negative talk. Keep your words and thoughts positive and if necessary,  remove yourself from any of these type of conversations.  If someone tries to provoke you or if you are being spoken to in a critical or hurtful way, be mindful of your response. Pause before reacting and consider your response carefully, avoid hasty reactions and harsh words.